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simplify intellectual property enforcement

Connect the Dots

The iptrac database makes managing IP enforcement easier

iptrac transforms data clutter into clear analysis so you can make strategic decisions.

Sit back, let your service providers upload the data and then watch iptrac connect the dots to show you the big picture:

Colourful Statistics

Seizure statistics in the shape of colourful charts and graphs demonstrate the success of your enforcement programme to top management

Intelligence Map

A worldwide intelligence map traces out infringer networks and hotspots so you can prioritize where to act next

Budget Management

Keeps tight control of expenditure by case, region, service provider and product type, so you have the flexibility to redirect resources instantly as required

Developed by IP enforcement professionals with decades of experience, iptrac has been honed into an elegantly practical tool.

It is both intuitive and a pleasure to use.

All email communications about cases are recorded on the database automatically so you no longer have to waste time filing emails, and can easily keep track of where you are in each case.

iptrac equips you with maximum efficiency for minimum effort, by keeping it simple.

Brand Owner View

Transnational Pursuit

Mind the gap

In some cases your service providers might be unable make the connection   between an importer in one country and the supplier in the country of origin.

Often false addresses and company names are given on shipping documents.
Or counterfeiters hide behind freight forwarders and logistics companies.

We can put you in touch with effective transnational researchers who use a combination of remote and physical approaches to crack open networks, and identify central organisers and source factories.

To achieve an objective but not to follow
through is a disastrous waste


Sun Zi

The Art of War

Empowering Authorities

Enforcement authorities can use this tool to report a suspect product and obtain accurate verification as to whether it is counterfeit or genuine directly from the IP Dept of the brand owner

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